Simple, useful and reliable way to control presentations or just have fun using your phone as a mouse or touchpad.
Thousands of users are already using this simple yet powerful application.
See it for yourself!

Be in charge of your presentation

You don't have to bring your expensive clicker everywhere you go. Now you can control your presentation from yout smart phone.

Replace your laser pointer

Your laser pointer ran out of juice again... in the middle of your presentation. No problem, you can use your smart phone as a virtual pointer. Just point it at the screen and with the magic of the built in accelerometer you won't need your laser pointer again.

Control the mouse from your couch

You hate when you are watching that movie and annoying notification pops up, we hate it too. That's why we added fully functional trackpad and a mouse that doesn't need any surfaces to work. Just grab your smart phone, wave your hand in the air and watch the cursor following your moves.

Powerpoint, Keynote

Remote PowerPoint/Keynote presentation clicker

Accelerometer/Touch based pointer

Laser pointer mode, red dot cursor (not supported in Mac OS)

Highlight mode, screen drawing during the presentation (not supported in Mac OS)

Next, previous, first and last slide buttons ( first/last slide is suppted in powerpoint only)

Start/Stop presentation (powerpoint support only, for keynode need to start the full screen presentation mode manualy)

Presentation stopwatch and progress bar with a configurable time ending alert(windows phone only)

Works over WiFi and cellular data

Mouse and Keyboard

Accelerometer and touch based mouse

Double finger scroll

Double click, single click and context menu mouse support

Fully functional keyboard


Netflix, Hulu, Youtube and any other audio or video streaming service can be operated in a remote mouse or keyboard mode.

Fully functional web browsing remote support.


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